5 Great Veggie Food Adventures, NYC


Without a real income, I’m usually pretty limited in my food explorations. I tend to keep it to my own kitchen, and some junky veggie burger take out here and there. But every once in a while I like to explore! Here in no sort of order are some of my latest favorites:

1. Hot Chocolate at the City Bakery. I don’t know how to convey just how damn good this hot chocolate is. Hands down the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had in my life, possibly the most decadent dessert/drink I’ve ever had. All this February they are having a hot chocolate festival with a new flavor every day. I’m pretty sure we just had the regular one with a GIGANTIC homemade marshmallow on top. I couldn’t bare to ask if the marshmallow was vegetarian. This is the stuff of the gods. Seriously, that’s the only way to describe it.

2. FBLT at Penelope. It’s nothing so crazy, but finding a comfortable and cheapish dinning venue with vegetarian and vegan options is great and I always like to keep track. And call me crazy but I had a hankering for some fakin’ bacon. An FBLT is your vegan version of a BLT but mine came with avocados and delicious homemade sourdough, so take that! Vegans reading should take note that it also came with some yummy homemade honey mustard for the fries, which I’m sure you could request ketchup or something more vegany instead. 🙂 The place has a nice atmosphere and good wine selection though I didn’t partake.

3. Everything at Doughnut Plant. Every time I go there’s a line, but it’s always been worth it. Creme Brule doughnuts. That’s all I had to say, right? No seriously, it’s not even the best flavor there…. imagine the possibilities!

4. Hot Fudge at Lula’s Sweet Apothecary. VEGANS TAKE NOTE. YOU MUST GO HERE. OTHERFOLKS (except those allergic to nuts) YOU MUST GO HERE TOO! Everything is vegan. everything is amazing. Homemade cashew icecream! And no! It doesn’t taste like cashews or like “vegan” it just tastes like amazing home made icecream.  Everything is the right texture the right flavor it’s great. Only downsides are that they have very limited seating and have weird hours.

5. Butterfinger Shakes at Terri. A quick yummy vegan restaurant. I sampled one of their chicken sandwiches which hit the spot but their vegan butterfinger shake was really something to write home about. There’s not much seating but it’s pretty delicious.

What are your favorite foodie adventures?!


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