Soups, Leftovers, Lazy


So I’m trying to blog at least one recipe a week. At the moment though I’ve been sick and haven’t been able to muster up anything too delicious besides the occasional batch of leftovers. So instead I’m just giving you some random tidbits and ramblings of interesting things I’ve seen:

  1. My dad and cat, Anna have become one… And I think they are now reading this blog… haha hey dad!Hi Dad
  2. I just read that Jack in the Box is going to have bacon milkshakes which sounds truly disgusting to me. People always ask me if I miss meat. And you know what…sometimes I do (especially after watching advertisements for cheeseburgers). But then something like this comes out and I’m reminded that meat–the way most of us eat it that is–is pretty disgusting. I dunno, maybe you disagree…
  3. During my week of sickness I knew I wanted to make some sort of Chicken Noodle Soup substitute. My only previous attempts were to use Veganomicon’s Chickpea Noodle Soup…which is ok, but not my favorite. It calls for Miso and Soba noodles, which if you’re into that sort of thing is probably 100% better for you than actual chicken noodle soup. But you know I’ve just never really been a miso soup fan. It just isn’t my thing at the moment. So I was just going to make it up, with some sort of tomatoey broth with noodles, and chickpeas. But then! The lazy sick part of me rejoiced at seeing Amy’s No Chicken Noodle! What’s the verdict? It works. It definitely reminds me of campbells or something but with little tofu bits instead of chicken. But it’s got that canned soup thing going for it which is simultaneously comforting, easy, and kind of boring. But when you’re too sick to want to cook it works.
  4. A bit of Valentine’s Day humor for ya:

    Thanks xkcd for being awesome

    Stay tuned later this week to see whatever ends up getting cooked for Valentine’s Day!


One Response to “Soups, Leftovers, Lazy”

  1. 1 Dadcatman

    I have found the new name for my online alias- Dadcatman!

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