Food in Public Spaces


So here’s some stuff that gets me excited:

  • Seattle’s growing a public food forest. What’s a food forest you ask? Basically it’s all about permaculture, sustainability. In a nutshell growing a little bit of a lot of different things that all work together well because they are designed to live together in the local area that you’re planting. It’s a bit more hands off, a bit more harmonious, sustainable, etc. But also dude just on a deliciousness level, how great would it be if all the spaces around us instead of having dumb lawns that required chemicals and shit we just grew some blueberry bushes here and there. It’d be like living in that scene from Willy Wonka but with fruit and veggies so that we don’t have to look like Augustus Gloop.

  • For more on this idea of delicious fresh food everywhere I’m pretty into the vision captured in Food Not Lawns. Each year I try to explain to the folks the importance of compost and gardening and how we should totally turn our rocky tiny patch of grass into some sort of permaculture fantasy. Each year I tend to fail in making this come true. To be fair we have more deer per square foot then should be humanly possible. Now that I’m in the city I’m starting to dream about growing stuff in our lovely windows. Right now I’m pretty hung up on how beautiful these hydroponic plants are. No really! So cool! If this whole me gardening thing ever happens, I’ll be sure to post all my growings on. Although with my not so green thumb I will most likely be documenting me killing plants. Sorry plants.
  • Speaking of Food not Lawns. Once I had this cool idea for an organization which would connect people who like to grow shit with people who have land who live in urban/suburban areas. So if I am an avid gardener or urban farmer I could use your roof or your small backyard and then I either pay you or you donate it or I just give you some of the food I grow. It could be like an urban CSA or just a group dedicated toward making these connections. WELL GUESS WHAT SOMEONE INVENTED IT! It’s pretty awesome, it’s called Landshare. But of course right now it’s not in the US just yet. Somebody do this please? Thnx.
  • Also Community Gardens… aren’t they awesome? If you think so I encourage you to watch the documentary, The Garden. It’s pretty rad. As someone interested in Community Organizing and Sustainability and a bunch of other things… well I like it. Go watch it now please, last I checked it was a Netflix instant.





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