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It’s easy. It’s yummy.¬†First you make the dough. I’ve been following¬†this recipe. Pretty easy! I used to think making pizza dough was incredibly long and boring as a process and so I would rely on the premade pizza dough in a lot of stores. But dude it takes like 15 minutes at tops to mix […]

Ever hear of Twin Oaks? It’s this awesome income sharing intentional community over in Virginia. Err yeah, you know, a commune. I’m into that sort of thing, judge me if you’d like. Anyway I know for many of us there are a lot of words that might come to mind at the word commune, but […]



My housemates love this one. It’s based heavily on this recipe, thanks fat free vegan! Get your favorite baking dish and preheat your oven to 375 F. Then chop up some mushrooms and saute them with some olive oil. Then pour in a jar or two of my favorite tomato sauce, and let the mushrooms […]

It’s snowing! A lot. Check it out, the view from my window, don’t you love snow that’s basically untouched? Anyway on days like this it’s nice to have a yummy, creamy, hearty soup. This recipe comes from my Dad and it’s one of my favorite things he cooks. It’s also nice because again it’s one […]

Truth? I’m not super crazy ’bout Nooch, aka Nutritional Yeast. I like the added nutrition, I like the subtle depth in flavor a tablespoon can add. But as a substitute for cheese? Not my thing. People say it tastes like parmesan. I personally don’t taste it, and I was never much of a fan for […]