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So I’m trying to blog at least one recipe a week. At the moment though I’ve been sick and haven’t been able to muster up anything too delicious besides the occasional batch of leftovers. So instead I’m just giving you some random tidbits and ramblings of interesting things I’ve seen: My dad and cat, Anna […]

Without a real income, I’m usually pretty limited in my food explorations. I tend to keep it to my own kitchen, and some junky veggie burger take out here and there. But every once in a while I like to explore! Here in no sort of order are some of my latest favorites: 1. Hot […]

Back again


I want to get back into blogging again. And I want to get back into veganism, just a bit anyway. The truth is I haven’t been doing the vegan thing for a while, and at the moment I’m not into that. Blame it on grad school, blame it on the deliciousness of cheese, blame it […]

Well I have some surprising news for a vegan food blog…I don’t identify as a vegan anymore! It’s true the vegan police have taken away my vegan license. 🙂 Truthfully everyone seems neutral or positive, my vegan friends haven’t beat me up about it, the most I’ve gotten has been a sigh, maybe they always […]